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  • The URL address on the address bar of your internet browser begins with "https"; where the letter 's' at the end of "https" means 'secured'.
  • Look for the padlock symbol either in the address bar or the status bar BUT not within the web page display area.
  • Verify the security certificate by clicking on the padlock image.
  • Ensure that the address bar has turned to green indicating that the site is secured with an SSL that meets the Extended Validation Standards (supported in Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome).
  • Always type the address of the RBI NDS OM website in the address bar of your browser or access it from the list of favourites you have stored.
  • Do not access the RBI NDS OM website through a link in an email or through another website.
  • Avoid using RBI NDS OM website from untrusted computers (e.g. Cyber café).
  • Compatible browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox 30+ and Chrome 30+